Our company has more than 10 years of experience in the electricity market, is an independent power company and helps its customers to reduce energy costs. 

We have all the necessary tools for productive activities:
  • Extensive experience in the electricity market. For 10 years, we have witnessed significant changes in the industry and have gained practical experience in matters relating to the implementation of projects to improve energy efficiency of the enterprise;
  • Qualifications of staff. Our employees support and increase their knowledge by attending different conferences and seminars in order to "keep a finger on the pulse" and always be ready to provide expert assistance to its clients and partners;
  • Wide geography activities. Working with an extensive customer base in different regions of Russia allows us to broader view of the situation in the industry. Comparison and analysis of data on various areas allows to identify trends and build strategy works well;
  • To improve the quality and efficiency of services we actively use modern information technology, including specially developed for our company automatic information system AIS.Energo-2. Result – automation of key business processes and the release time for new projects.

Main activities of AO «Energoinvest»:
  • Power supply company

    • Supply of energy

    • Organization of energy supply activity

  • Distributed generetion

    • Funding for construction of small generation

    • Modernization of existing facilities

  • Energy efficiency

    • Energy service contracts

    • Tariff audit

      • Selection of the optimal settlement system

      • Hourly planning

    • Consultations

  • IT-solutions for energetic