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Energy Efficiency

Energy service contracts
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Energy service contracts services on purchase and implementation of energy-saving equipment and technology at the facilities of the client in order to reduce energy costs at the expense of AO «Energoinvest» cost recovery through the guaranteed savings.

The main consumers of services - it's industrial enterprises in production costs, which occupy a significant portion of the cost of electricity.

The constant increase of energy tariffs results in to an increase in the cost of production and, consequently, to a decrease in the competitiveness of the product.

It is obvious that the wait changes of price policy in the energy sector can endlessly. But, despite this, the consumer has the tools to help reduce the cost of energy consumed and ultimately reduce the prime cost:

Modernization options

Overhaul of own power generation

Modernization of the network facilities

Modernization of metering equipment

Introducing energy saving technologies and equipment

To implement any of these projects require high investments in a short period of time during the long payback through savings. The solution is energy service contracts.

Stages of implementation of energy service contracts

  • 1 Investment audit energy project of the customer;
  • 2 Development of business plan of investments;
  • 3 Start funding;
  • 4 Engineering works;
  • 5 Delivery and installation of equipment and commissioning works;
  • 6 Training of customer personnel;
  • 7 Facility operation, the beginning of the refund AO «Energoinvest» due to the saving.

Advantages of energy service contracts

  • Interest of AO «Energoinvest» to maximize savings through long-term contracts with limited investment;
  • Lack of financial risk for the customer (AO «Energoinvest» guarantees financial savings and assumes all risks for the project);
  • Energy program does not require financial investment by the customer – project is funded by AO «Energoinvest» and consideration provided "guaranteed savings".