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Distributed generation

Funding for the construction of small generation
Modernization of existing facilities

The big part of the tariff for electricity is transmission charges from producer to consumer. In the network tariff lays everything expenses of the network organization, from the cost of upgrading networks to the costs inefficient management. Moreover, the program of modernization of the network management has a much slower pace than the aging and "dilapidation" of available networks. As a result, the consumer has a high rate and low reliability of electricity transmission.

However, the consumer has an alternative way to significantly reduce the price of electric energy consumption: the construction of their own generation.

As a rule, companies rarely has sufficient financial resources available to implement such expensive technologies.

Investing via outsourcing is the best form of financing such projects.

With this method of financing AO «Energoinvest» own funds implements on the premises of the client project to create the generation (CHP) power station with the subsequent realization of produced electricity (electricity and heat) energy. At the same time AO «Energoinvest» takes care of all operational commitments, fire, ecological responsibility of the power station, the project coordination with the network, thermal and gas suppliers, as well as at his own expense makes the purchase of energy (gas) for power and produces technical service maintenance and repair station.

The main consumers of services: industrial companies, engineering companies, commercial facilities.

Stages of energy project financing company by AO «Energoinvest»

  • Investment audit energy project of the customer;
  • Development of business plan of investments;
  • Start funding;
  • Engineering works;
  • Delivery and installation of equipment and commissioning works;
  • Training of customer personnel;
  • Facility operation;
  • Return of investments;
  • Subsequent servicing.

Advantages of the service

  • Obtaining a stable monthly savings, as a consequence reduce the cost of purchased energy;
  • Lack of investment;
  • No time costs and staff costs;
  • Settlement of our company all the issues with the current power supply organization and other organizations involved in the coordination of the project;
  • Continuous monitoring of the power grid enterprises;
  • Free legal assistance and counseling in the field of legislation in electric power industry;